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    Handstand push-ups are a fun way to build upper body and core strength! Want to give them a try but don’t know where to start? Here are some progressions for ya!

    Box handstand push-ups:

    Focus on bringing your shoulders over your wrist before you start. You should have your head and hands in the tripod position before bending your elbows.

    Strict handstand push-ups with an ab mat:

    Kick up into your handstand, making sure to hold your core in really tight. Keep legs straight and squeezed together. Lower until your head touches the mat then press up.

    *ONCE YOU ARE ABLE TO MASTER THESE THEN YOU CAN PROGRESS TO A KIPPING HANDSTAND PUSH-UP. If you go straight to kipping without sufficient upper body strength and control you risk injury, not worth it!

    Kipping handstand push-ups:
    As you lower into your handstand bring your knees down towards your elbows. Keep squeezing your core so you don’t topple over. Explode with your legs to help pull yourself up.

    Once you’ve got all of those you can try for some fun party tricks 😜 Check out @tom.reid.78 😱

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